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So here’s a story that I still don’t believe myself! The week before The Killers started their Latin American tour I sent Mark a message asking if he would bring some copies of Another life to sell as merch as it’s so expensive to buy from Argentina (delivery is like more expensive than the album itself). He replied (!!!!!!) and said he wouldn’t and thanked me for listening to his record, he also said I could buy Another Life on iTunes or download it illegaly if it was out there (yes, he said that!). But he also added “If all that fails, maybe I can ship you a cd myself for free, because you were kind enough to ask”. This was in March, and I thought he forgot about it because he went on tour right the day after he sent me that message. 
This week I got a package from fedex. I thought it was the Comedown Machine bundle, but I opened it and saw that the red shirt wasn’t on the box. Then I saw Mark’s face on the albums and in that moment I read the papers outside the box. I couldn’t believe it! Then I found the envelop with my name on it and it took me like 10 minutes to open it as my hands were shaking and I was crying. You can see the card in the pictures. All of this was unexpected and I can’t believe it actually happened!  I thought it wouldn’t be possible but now I love The Killers more than before ♥ Mark is really so talented and humble and kind I’ve always said he deserves more love! And if you haven’t yet please listen to his solo album, it’s really good and he made it almost all by himself!


Brand new song Purple Yellow Red & Blue just premiered on KROQ. Listen here: youtu.be/r8PwNbfcL3c

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